Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation at Angelbare is the application of natural pigments at the epidermis to create the natural appearance of real hairs.

The refined method performed by our technician-artists are highly sought after and special emphasis is placed on subtle results that conform to the varied shades and directions of your unique hair pattern. Often, several pigments are used in to create the realistic finish possible. Scalp Micropigmentation can benefit those with all types and stages of hair loss.

– enhance thinning hair
– restore hairline
– eliminate baldness
– eliminate hair transplant scars
– create a natural subtle appearance of hairs
– customized to the individual
– low maintenance
– non-invasive
– no medication
– no diet or lifestyle restrictions
– quick results
– budget friendly
– licensed and insured

Scalp Micropigmentation compared against the Alternatives
Hair Transplantation:
Hair transplants have come a long way since the days of large plug grafts. On the appropriate candidate, transplants can effectively restore hair by using grafts from the donor area (back of head) to place in thinning and receded areas. While transplantation can be a viable option, it certainly comes with risks.
• Patients may have an irritating exposed surgical scar at the back of his or her head.
• Some people may not have enough donor hair to cover all the balding in a sufficiently and aesthetic way.
• Often, patients may need to return for additional surgeries to reach the desired density.

Hair Systems:
Hair systems have also improved greatly and may be virtually undetectable. However, hair system wearers are often unhappy with the continued monthly maintenance, itchiness, lifestyle restrictions, and high continued costs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most clients require 2­3 sessions. Additional treatments will increase the density by increasing the number of ink dots in one area. A higher density will result in a darker, more natural look, which will help blend the procedure’s appearance into any remaining hair. It is best to start conservatively because it’s easy to add more, and difficult (and expensive) to remove excess ink.

Clients with scars are more likely to require more sessions as scar tissue absorbs ink more readily, resulting in more significant fading. Treatments on clients with alopecia may still be complete after 2­3 sessions, however the sessions are likely to be longer, especially if the client is suffering from aggressive alopecia areata or patchy hair loss, or alopecia totalis, the total loss of all head hair.

Scalp micropigmenation requires a small needle to be inserted into the upper dermis of the scalp. A certain amount of discomfort is inevitable, however most clients report the sensation to be nothing more than mildly irritating, even therapeutic. The most people report that the pain varies from a 3­4 out of 10.
Parts of the scalp such as the temporal regions and the hairline, can be more sensitive. Each individual has a different experience of comfort, and sensitivity may be heightened for those who have used hair systems or have a significant amount of scar tissue to cover. To address these concerns, you may elect to have topical numbing applied before your treatment.

For several days post-procedure, there may be some redness and swelling on the scalp. While the pigment will initially appear dark, it may take up to a week to lighten to the desired shade. Bruising, while rare, may occur, causing the treated area to appear darker or to appear slightly blue and goes away on it’s own after a few days.

We ask that you avoid wearing your hair system for 10-14 days after your procedure to allow the skin to breathe and to keep the scalp clean.

Scar tissue reacts different for each client, and such areas are approached with extra caution. Scar tissue may require a greater number of treatments than average, and you should expect to come back within 5 to 7 days or when swelling disappears for a session that strengthens the fast fading pigment in the scar area. Treatment duration ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the treated area.

Please wait at least twenty-four hours after any laser ink removal before starting your procedure.

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