Permanent Makeup — Eyebrows

While women spend a lot of time (and money) on mascara, it’s the eyebrows that can really make a difference in a woman’s appearance.

Starting at the age of 30, women’s facial muscles begin to change. This affects the shape and symmetry of their eyebrows, since eyebrows play a big role in our facial expressions. Droopy eyebrows make people look sad, stern, angry, and even older than they actually are. Having perfect eyebrows adds a youthfulness to one’s look that no mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner can achieve. Full and healthy-looking eyebrows are a characteristic that are pretty much ubiquitous amongst young Hollywood’s starlets.

For decades, Plastic Surgeons offered surgical eyebrow lifts to raise the individual brow. Surgery entails insertion in the hair line and pulling the forehead skin up. This entails a lengthy recovery. Plastic Surgeons also offer eyebrow hair transplants for those with little or no eyebrows. The process involves removing hair from the patient’s scalp and transplanting it on the clients’ eyebrow line. However, since each hair cell grows to different lengths, depending on where it is on the body, the transplanted hair grows much longer than natural eyebrow hair. Consequently, the client must trim their eyebrows frequently, which leads to them losing the natural growth of the eyebrow pattern. Not to mention the additional transplants are needed to fill in hair in spots where cells did not survive.

At Angelbare, Certified Master Instructor Shahla Whitmore, combines art, years of experience and a natural-looking hair line stroke technique to create non surgical eye brows and eyebrow lifts. Shahla is the only permanent make up instructor to offer non surgical eyebrow lifts. With the hair line stroke application, she replaces the aggravation of eyebrow hair transplants and eyebrow lifts. The process is comfortable and safe.

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows are a passion for Shahla. With over fifteen years of experience in image enhancement, Shahla creates the perfect arch and brow lift. The final result is a luxurious shape that gives the client a beautiful and exotic appearance.

Shahla specializes in the art of a hair line stroke technique, which emulates individual eyebrow hairs. This creates the most natural and subtle enhancement.

Eyebrow Fill-In

Eyebrow waxing and threading are some of the leading causes of sparse or thin eyebrows. Shahla uses a hair line stroke technique, which is best for a natural looking result. We recommend tweezing or having electrolysis done to remove excess eyebrow hair.

Hair-Line Stroke Brows

For clients with no eyebrows, partials eye brows, or drooping eyebrows, a hair line stroke technique is one of the best ways to create a more subtle look. This application simulates the appearance of natural eyebrows, which enhance the brow’s definition.

Eyebrow Lift

It is normal for facial muscles to shift and sag slightly as we age. This specialized application is designed for people who need to reshape drooping eyebrows. The result is a more flattering shape and appropriate arch, which has been restored to its natural position on the eyebrow bone. It is a non-surgical way to get an eyebrow lift. After this quick application, most people have found they no longer need a surgical eyebrow lift procedure or Botox. The lift allows the eyes to appear more defined and the face to look younger.

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