Eyebrows for Children

Permanent Makeup — Eyebrows for Children

Angelbare is pleased to announce eyebrow application for children eight and up who have lost their eyebrows due to cancer, fire, birth malformations, Alopecia or other medical conditions. Shahla Whitmore, our certified paramedical instructor, has been approved by the Wellesley Board of Health to provide lasting eyebrow application for children.

Children begin to develop a sense of self at a young age and no matter how positive the influences around them may be, without self-confidence, that child can be permanently impacted emotionally. Now these special children can regain self-confidence with paramedical pigmentation known as “permanent makeup”. Shahla believes “Kids are naturally beautiful and deserve to feel comfortable about their appearance. Subtle enhancements can dramatically affect their self-esteem.”

Until now, children had to rely on their parents’ “artistic skills” to draw temporary eyebrows. This option is not the best solution as it easily wipes off or smudges. Shahla offers safe, long-lasting, smudge free, comfortable eyebrow correction. Considering the child’s age and gender, she creates natural looking eyebrows, restoring their natural beauty and allowing them to feel good about their face again.

It’s important to note that the pigments used are MRI safe and contain only one percent metal. This is different from the inks that tattoo parlors use which has ninety percent iron oxide. (This is an important distinction, since Angelbare uses “pigments” vs. “inks”, producing a safer and more natural appearance.)

At Angelbare, sterilized probes are used with each application in a highly sanitary environment. Children can resume the normal activity shortly after the application.


Parent’s testimony:

One day about a year and a half ago, my wife Jennifer and I noticed my son Michael, at age 9, had a little bald spot after he received a haircut. His barber actually felt that it might be alopecia and encouraged us to seek a medical professional. I’ve consulted a doctor at Boston Medical Center who diagnosed him as having alopecia aerate. Over the last 1.5 years we’ve learned that Michael actually has the more severe Alopecia, Totalis and Universals. As such, his hair does not grow back as it used to. Jennifer and I felt very fortunate to have found Angelbare as they provide services for children as well as adults, and now Michael never has to feel uncomfortable about not having eyebrows.

– Chris R. (parent)

Wellesley, MA 02481