Areola Restoration

Permanent Makeup — Areola Restoration

Areola Micropigmentation

Areola Micro pigmentation is known as areola tattooing, areola derma-pigmentation, or areola restoration.

It is a specialty that requires advanced education, training, and experience to restore areola color or minimize the appearance of scars after breast reconstruction. The areola color plays a key role in the aesthetic look of a breast. After breast surgery, missing areola color can be psychologically distressing and a source of anxiety and self-consciousness. For example, a woman may not feel “complete” without an areola after having a mastectomy or may be emotionally affected by a scarred areola. Areola pigmentation provides the “finishing touch” after breast surgery, making the treated area look complete and feel whole and normal again. The areola size or color can be permanently darkened, balanced or enhanced with micro pigmentation.

Causes of Areola Scars

Many breast scars can be caused from breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift surgeries. A scar’s appearance can be softened, blended, or reduced by corrective pigment camouflage techniques.

Surgical Waiting Time

Areola micro pigmentation can be performed 6 months after breast surgery. After being cleared by your physician for derma pigmentation, a consultation may be booked. After the procedure, a client may return to their normal activity and follow the after- care instructions.

Insurance coverage

This procedure is covered by many insurance plans.

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