Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup?

The process is just like getting a tattoo. The person applying permanent makeup uses a needle that penetrates your skin and releases pigment.

You will choose the color, based on advice and suggestions from the makeup artist. The technician will then use a sterile surgical pen to sketch the area to be tattooed and then put an anesthetic gel on your skin.

Using a hollow, vibrating needle, the technician will apply the pigment into the top layer of the skin. Each time the needle penetrates the skin, a droplet of pigment is released into the hole the needle makes. You will feel a slight stinging.

After getting permanent makeup, it takes about three weeks for the color to fade to its permanent shade.

At first, the color will likely look dark and shiny, and the surrounding tissue will be swollen and red.

You can use a cold compress to reduce swelling and antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection. Complications are rare but can include infection or allergic reactions to the tattoo dye.

Does it look natural?

Yes. Hairline strokes are applied by hand to resemble actual eyebrow hair; eye and lip liner is applied as an enhancement. Your desires, complexion and facial anatomy are all considered before having your treatment. Permanent makeup is a beautiful investment in yourself!

Who should get Permanent Makeup?

Individuals who:

– want to look their best with the least amount of time and effort when they wake up in the morning
– have an active lifestyle and have little time to spend on applying makeup
– have problem areas around their eyebrows with too little or uneven hair growth
– want to accentuate their eyes, but either do not have the time or skill to apply eye makeup effectively
– want to have fuller lips or a more defined outline of their lips
– have allergies or skin sensitivities to traditional cosmetics
– have poor vision that makes it difficult to apply makeup
– have Alopecia
– suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or burn injuries
– have lost their eyebrows due to injury, surgery, chemotherapy, or medication
– Children between 8-18 who have lost their eyebrows due to injury, surgery, chemotherapy, or medication receive complimentary treatments at Angelbare.

Will this save me time and money on cosmetics?

Yes, permanent makeup saves you both time and money. Though touch-ups may be required every few years to keep your makeup fresh, you will be able to eliminate the hours spent applying certain basics. You will also eliminate the constant checking of your makeup to see if there has been any smudging, flaking or general fading throughout the day. You will no longer have to spend money on your monthly makeup products or waste dollars on temporary solutions. By working closely with you to customize your treatment, our permanent cosmetics instructor will work to ensure your satisfaction.

How long will it take to recover from a permanent makeup application?

Many of our clients come to us during their lunch break, and go right back to work! Some prefer to have the weekend to allow their application to fade to a more subtle look. When permanent makeup is first applied, the color may appear more bold at first, but will gradually soften to the desired shade in 1-2 weeks.

Is the application comfortable?

Yes. At Angelbare, our technicians have received advanced training in pain control methods specifically tailored for the application of permanent makeup. In addition, topical anesthetic, in the form of a creams or gel, is applied prior to and during the makeup application. Some people describe the actual sensation as a “tingling” feeling.

Can I still use my own makeup?

Of course. After your permanent makeup application has healed, you may add more color for emphasis or for those nights out on the town. For a more dramatic look, traditional makeup can be used safely.

Is Permanent Makeup really permanent?

Yes, compared to traditional cosmetics. However, as your skin rejuvenates, the color will soften. To refresh the color, you will need a touch-up session; therefore we can also call it semi-permanent. With proper care it should last 1-3 years. It is waterproof; it will not rub or wash off and is smudge free. We offer touch-up color refresher sessions at a discount to our clients.

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