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Offering a Permanent Solution

by Danielle De Pari

As Nancy Marion, 37, of Dedham sat waiting at a Newton salon, she spotted a brochure for Angelbare Salon. The salon specializes in permanent makeup and she could not help but think she was tired of penciling in her naturally light eyebrows to make them more prominent each day.

“I actually ended up getting my eyebrows done, permanent eyeliner and permanent lipstick,” she said. Marion said she likes her eyeliner the best, because previously she wore it everyday.

“It is waterproof and I love it,” she said. As for her eyebrows, Marion said they are great looking, not too dark, but very natural. “They don’t look fake, nobody not even my family has even noticed it,” she said. Marion says Shahla Whitmore, owner of AngelBare Salon on Walnut Street in Newton, is extremely meticulous about her work. She has been at the location for six years and three years ago she began offering permanent makeup.

Whitmore, who is the only technician in the state of Massachusetts with certification in advanced permanent cosmetics, has found a variety of services to offer customers. Services include permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, coloring of the scalp, correcting stretch and cleft marks, covering scars, removing tattoos and full lip coloring. Permanent eyebrows are applied to those who have experienced eyebrow loss from over plucking or over waxing.

“As we age, some woman loose facial muscles, therefore eyebrow greatly will shift down. With permanent cosmetics we can create higher eyebrow and that is what we call eyebrow lifts, she said. Permanent cosmetics can last between five to 15 years, depending on a person’s lifestyle. Whitmore said if a person is exposed to the sun, or chlorine found in a pool on a regular basis, they may need a touch up sooner.

Though many of her customers come in for cosmetic reasons, Whitmore stresses those with medical conditions are the real reason she feels satisfaction in her career. “When someone comes in with Alopecia and they eyebrow skin is so irritated from penciling them in, it breaks my heart,” she said. Whitmore said at first most of her customers came in for cosmetic reasons, by as time as went on, she has seen clients with other health conditions such as Cancer patients who are engaging in Chemotherapy, Parkinson’s disease and tremors. People with these conditions benefit greatly from permanent cosmetics. Whitmore said permanent cosmetics provides self-confidence and self-esteem to many who are suffering from the lack of hand movement.

She has found the work rewarding. “I can see the changes right away, and their exciting and satisfying face when a customer is going out the door,” she said. Whitmore also said she has received calls and letters praising her work. She added that customers come from all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire for her services. Whitmore also teaches skin care and makeup application at the American Cancer Society as well as the Newton Adult Education center. “I would absolutely recommend her services to others, I have no regrets,” Marion said.

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